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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
The YWCA of the Sauk Valley
421 1st Avenue
Sterling, IL  61081
United States of America
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Tim Schwingle - Leo Patterson, Rotary Convention
Oct 22, 2019
Greeters - Porter & Steinke Sgt. at Arms - Sprague & Spitzer Invocation -Schlomer
Ray Sharp - Joan Hermes, CGH Health Foundation
Oct 29, 2019
Greeters - Schlomer & Zepezauer Sgt. at Arms - Siefken & Spitzer Invocation - Haskell
Russ Siefken - Veterans Day Program
Nov 05, 2019
Greeters - Berens & Binder Sgt. at Arms - Camarano & Coester Invocation - Munson
David Hellmich- Dave Lowe,Rotary Foundation
Nov 12, 2019
Greeters - Haskell & Heller Sgt. at Arms - Hellmich & Humphreys Invocation - Coester
Mike Sprague
Nov 19, 2019
Greeters - Hutchcraft & Jacobs Sgt. at Arms - Jensen & Johnson Invocation - Berry
Paul Steinke
Nov 26, 2019
Greeters - King & Klaver Sgt. at Arms - Koch & Kraut Invocation - Porter
Dec 03, 2019
Greeters - Lareau & Lowe Sgt. at Arms - Majeski & McCoy Invocation - Schlomer
Christy Zepezauer - SHS Madrigals
Dec 10, 2019
Greeters - Meminger & Mench Sgt. at Arms - Mitchell & Munson Invocation - Haskell
Dec 17, 2019
Greeters - Ortgiesen & Pettenger Sgt. at Arms - Porter & Potthoff Invocation - Munson
No Meeting
Dec 24, 2019
No Meeting
Dec 31, 2019

Home Page Stories

Boots & Shoes - $78   50/50 -  $112
Guests - Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary and Roger Wait from Sunrise Rotary.
Student Guests  - NHS - Dean Ellorando & Kyle Tunisk SHS -  Ava Shaw
Program - Ron Potthoff introduced, Dawn Young, Whiteside County Recorder
Dawn has been the County Recorder since 1981 and was first elected in 1996. She explained much about how things are recorded in her office.   They file 30 - 40 documents per day and all documents are micro filmed.  Recording fees are $43.  All county residents are able to sign up for Property Fraud Alert for free, which alerts them of any activity regarding their property.   Her job is very interesting and we thank her for sharing.
  • Club 505  - Seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • Oct. 12 - Polio walk beginning at Centennial Park at 9am.  Registration at 8:15am.  Meet at the Larson Shelter. See Tim Schwingle to order a t-shirt.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
  • Host Family - Host family needed for Yuzuki beginning after Thanksgiving.  See Dana if interested. 
Boots & Shoes - $73   50/50 -  $114
Guests - Janna Groharing guest of Dana McCoy, Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary and Roger Wait from Sunrise Rotary.
Student Guests - Ellie Kerner, SHS and Connor McBride - NHS
Program - Ed Andersen on Rotary and Leadership
ED, a Rotarian since 1979 shared with the club his years as a Rotarian and how important it has been to his life.   Thanks Ed for your many years of service as a Rotarian and for sharing your story.
  • Club 505  - Seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
  • Host Family - Host family needed for Yuzuki beginning after Thanksgiving.  See Dana if interested. 
Boots & Shoes - $169   50/50 -  $?
Guests - 
Student Guests  - Moira Roddy - Dean Ellorando - Kyle Turink - Cori Chavez - Whitnie Garriott - Ava ShawSHS  Joselyn Reed and Nate Ahlers - NHS
Program - Scott Porter introduced Terri Porter.
Terri shared her story on her mission trip to the Darien Jungle in Panama.  Thank you Terri for your good works and for sharing your story.
  • Club 505  - Seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • Oct. 12 - Polio walk beginning at Centennial Park at 9am.  Registration at 8:15am.  Meet at the Larson Shelter. See Tim Schwingle to order a t-shirt.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
  • Host Family - Host family needed for Yuzuki beginning after Thanksgiving.  See Dana if interested. 
Boots & Shoes - $189   50/50 -  $82 
Guests - LaSalle Rotarian - Chris Wren, Honorary Rotarian - Bill Shaw
Student Guests  - Tessa DeJonge and Moira Roddy - SHS  Joselyn Reed and Nate Ahlers - NHS
Yuzuki - Yuzuki told us about visiting Chicago with other exchange students.  They stayed in a very large house with a pool and a good time was had by all.  She wants us to let her know if we want to know anything about her country and she will share that with us.
Program - Pat Pettenger introduced Chief of Sterling Police, Tim Morgan.
Tim spoke about the new Cannabis laws in Illinois.  How this impacts the city and law enforcement. 
  • Club 505  - Seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • Oct. 12 - Polio walk beginning at Centennial Park at 9am.  Registration at 8:15am.  Meet at the Larson Shelter. See Tim Schwingle to order a t-shirt.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
  • Host Family - Host family needed for Yuzuki beginning after Thanksgiving.  See Dana if interested. 
Boots & Shoes - $165    50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Sunrise Rotarian - Roger Wait, Dixon Rotarian Leo Patterson and RF Rotarian Bob Sondgeroth
Student Guests  - Tessa DeJonge - SHS and Joselyn Reed and Nate Ahlers - NHS
Program - Gunnar Ortgieson introduced Bob Sondgeroth
Bob presented information about the motorcycle ride to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  It is an amazing group of riders who are passionate about riding but more importantly the good work of St. Jude's hospital.
The club passed the hat and raised $889.  The club added $111 to make it $1,000.  Thank you members for your generosity.
  • By-Laws - A members meeting was held, where a quorum was present.  A motion was made by Dave Hellmich to approve the by-laws as presented.  Second by Tim Schwingle.  Motion carried.  Now the club is able to proceed with incorporation.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! - It was noted at the meeting that new member Bill Mclemore celebrated his 50th anniversary in Rotary. So pleased to have Bill and Lori in our club.
  • Club 505  - Seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • New Members - Mike Banks and Greg Banks were inducted into our club.   Welcome Mike and Greg. 
  • Oct. 12 - Polio walk beginning at Centennial Park at 9am.  See Tim Schwingle if interested in ordering a t-shirt.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
Boots & Shoes - $153    50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Greg Banks, guest of John Berge
Student Guests - - Emma Rapp, Abby Aitken, Tyler Hanson and Emelia from Germany, RF Rotary Exchange Student
Yuzuki- Yuzuki attended a wedding party which she enjoyed although it was a 10 hour drive.   She was also able to meet another exchange student from Japan, with whom she was able to speak her beloved Japanese.
Program - Mark Mench introduced Larry Schuldt, Executive Director of the Sterling Park District.  Larry provided a history of Westwood and then facilitated a tour of the buildings and grounds.
  • The members congratulated Jim and Carmen Haskell on their 68th wedding anniversary.
  • Club 505 had 10 attendees - still seeking a member to coordinate this event.
  • Sept,. 10 - By-laws vote - please review draft that was sent out by John G. and plan to attend on Sept. 10 as a quorum is required to approve. 
  • Sept. 10 - Induction of Mike Banks and Greg Banks
  • Oct. 12 - Polio walk beginning at Centennial Park at 9am.  See Tim Schwingle if interested in ordering a t-shirt.
  • Nov. 5 - Veteran's Day Program - let John G. know if you are bringing a guest.
Boots & Shoes - $129    50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Dixon Rotarian, Leo Patterson - Sunrise Rotarian, Roger Wait  
Personal guests - Jeff Gale, guest of Kevin Heller Mike & Greg Banks, guest of Russ Spitzer - Pete Dillon, guest of Dave Murray
Program - Dave Murray introduced Julian Vandevelde of Moxie Solar. 
  • Sept. 3 - Meeting at Westwood, 1900 Westwood Drive in Sterling, Building #2 - Door is locted directly west of the outdoor tennis courts.
  • Sept,. 10 - By-laws vote - please review draft that was sent out by John G. and plan to attend on Sept. 10 as a quorum is required to approve. 
Boots & Shoes - $95     50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Dixon Rotarians, Leo Patterson & Emily Taylor (Brice's mom), Adin Taylor (Brice's dad).  
Rock Falls Rotarian Bob Sondgeroth and his guest Rhonda Conklen.
Personal guests of John Berge were prospective members, Mike and Greg Banks, owners of Moore Monument Company.
Student Guests - Our inbound student, Yuzuki Hosai from Japan., RF Inbound student, Emelia from Germany our outbound student Aaliyah Gaffey and our returning outbound student from last year, Brice Taylor
WELCOME to our newest members who were inducted today!  Lori Lowe and Bill MclemoreThey both bring a long and interesting history of their Rotary involvement and we welcome them into our club.  
Program - Steve Munson introduced our last year's outbound student Brice Taylor. 
Brice presented many photos of his experience in the Southern part of France. He included photos of his host families, all the delicious food and pastries he enjoyed.  He also shared many American things with his French friends such as, Elf on the Shelf and hanging stocking on the fireplace.  Everyone enjoyed his presentation.  Welcome Home Brice and thank you for sharing your adventure.  
Boots & Shoes - $103
50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary  Outbound student - Aaliyah Gaffey
We welcomed our inbound student from Japan, Yuzuki Hosai.  We look forward to having her with us for the next year.   
Please be sure to greet her and welcome her each week.  
Program - Dave Hellmich & Barb Majeski
Sterling Rotary and Social Media
Barb took us through how to find our club on Facebook and liking the page and sharing the posts with our contact lists.
It was stressed that if you are not interested in Facebook that is Ok.
You can access information by going to our Website -
Our website is a part of ClubRunner which is provided to clubs by Rotary International.  The club pays a small annual fee to utilize ClubRunner.  we currently use ClubRunner to bill dues to members, create and archive the weekly bulletins and track membership.
Dana sent out instructions recently on how to access ClubRunner.
To look up your Foundation giving information, and create an ID and password on that site.  Your id is your email address and you can then choose your unique password.  
Dave also showed us how to download the app, Club Locator.  Great to use when you are traveling and looking for a club to attend.
Thanks for sharing this valuable information with the club membership.
Boots & Shoes - $105
50/50 -  $50 
Guests - Yuzuki Hosai moment included her adjusting to the size of Sterling coming from the large city of Tokyo. She joined the tennis team and school starts on Aug. 14 which she is looking forward to.   
Program - Chris Mitchell introduced Jerry Beranek, retired from Gold Star FS.  Jerry is representing the Sterling American Legion.  The Sterling Legion is celebrating their 100th anniversary and has about 300 members.The Legion provides much to the community by making donations to various civic and community funds, they provide the Honor Guard at Military Funerals. The Legion also participates in celebrations including Veteran's day, Memorial Day and Pearl Harbor Day. Legislation was just passed that now allows any veteran to become a Legion Member. Additionally there is a group for children of Veteran;s called Sons of American Legion as well as the Legion Auxiliary.  In celebration of their 100th Anniversary, there is an open house planned for September 21 and a gold outing planned for Sept, 7.  Thanks Jerry for sharing about this prestigious organization honoring US Veterans. 
Boots & Shoes - $188
50/50 $183   Chris Mitchell drew the winning card and donated $50 back to the club.   congratulations Chris. 
Guests - Roger Wait from Sunrise Rotary
Outbound student - Aaliyah Gaffey
Program - Dave Hellmich 
Member Profile, Mark Humphreys
Mark shared hi background with the group.  His family includes his spouse, Carol, his daughter Rachel who recently started working at the corporate office of Edward Jones. in St. Louis and daughter Lauren, recent grad of SHS and soon to be student of U of W, to be a teacher.
Mark shared his his story of starting his own business, MCR Technologies Group, Inc. His business has been extremely successful and adding the web based technology has increased his market share.   Thanks Mark for sharing your remarkable story.  
Boots & Shoes - $202    50/50 $173   
Guests - Prospective Members - Lori Lowe & Bill McLemore
Outbound student - Aaliyah Gaffey
Gunnar's guest - Bryce Olson
Katie, Nik, Margo and Dave Jakobs
Program - Dave Hellmich 
Dave introduced Nik Jakobs of Jakob Bros Farms who presented "Ag Under Pressure"
After living away from home and working in finance, Nik moved home 6 years ago to work in the family business.
He spoke about how this spring has been challenging because of the record amounts of rain, particularly in April. 
He spoke about three areas that impact farming, Climate, such as the wet spring, Economics - the political environment  and Social - the growth of urban areas impacting the "family farms".  Nik's presentation was informative, interesting and current.  Thank you Nik and Dave.  
No Boots & Shoes or 50/50 Today-   
Guests - Prospective Members - Lori Lowe & Bill McLemore
Club Assembly- 
Club President John G. led the club meeting today. We covered a lot of topics, too many to list in the bulletin.  However we will distribute the minutes next week for your review. Some important items worth mentioning here are:
  • Mark Humphreys was nominated by Chris Mitchell to serve on the board and it was unanimously approved.
  • Scholarship - our scholarship was renamed the "Sterling Noon Rotary" scholarship.
  • BBQ - This years BBQ was the largest ever with a profit of $8,831. 
  • Club 5:05 - Beginning a monthly social event - more to come on this. 
  • Membership - Every member is responsible for membership
  • Don Olson - Don has retired from Rotary after 33 years and our membership awarded him Honorary Membership so that he may attend meetings as he is able.  
No Boots & Shoes Today-   50/50 - $163
Guests -
Roger Wait and Allen Przysucka, Sunrise Rotary
Betty Clementz - Rock Falls Rotary
Leo & Linda Patterson, Dixon Rotary
Prospective Members - Lori Lowe & Bill McLemore
Julia Mothkovich, guest of Dana
Exchange Students:
Brice Taylor - Sterling Noon, last years outbound to France
Fritiof - Sterling Noon, inbound from Sweden
Flavien Dupont - Rock Falls Rotary, last years inbound from France
Agustina Lescoins, Love Park Rotary, last years inbound from Argentina
Aaliyah Gaffey, Sterling Noon, Outbound to Italy
Kimsy Spreeman
Host Families in Attendance
Emily Taylor
Michelle & Tom Jensen
Jodi Gaffey
Tim Schlegel
How exciting to have so many guests today!!!
Program - 
Fritiof provided an interesting powerpoint of pictures of his time in the USA.  His presentation certainly illustrated how many experiences he had and how much he enjoyed himself.  His words of advice for the other youth exchange students in attendance were "to say yes to new experiences". 
TomBrooks, District 6420 Youth exchange Director   - Tom shared many interesting facts about the youth exchange program and his many years as the director.  He has enjoyed his time in this role and in 3 years will move on to District Governor of our district.
Thanks Tom.
No Boots & Shoes Today-   50/50 - $149
Guests - Brice Taylor and his dad, Adin Taylor Jr.   We are so pleased to have Brice back home from France and happy to have his dad here today.
Roger Wait and Allen Przysucka, Sunrise Rotary
Mayor Skip Lee and his guests, prospective members, Lori Lowe and Bill McLemore
Aaleya Gaffey
Fritiof Shared about how much he is enjoying baseball and will be presenting on July 9 about his year in the USA.
Program - Dana McCoy received the Frank Broderick award in 2005 and was here to tell us about her connection with Rotary.   Dana has been a dedicated Rotarian, traveling on several trips to dig wells and vaccinate children against polio.  Dana is definitely an outstanding example of Service Above Self.  Thank you Dana for your belief and commitment to Rotary.
Boots & Shoes - $106  50/50 - $135
Guests - Teri Porter, Bryce Olson
Fritiof was absent
Program -  John Berge introduced Dirk's program today, Cindy DeLafuente, Kim Martin and Susie LeMay.   This group are eager to organize activities and events for individuals needing assistance because of developmental disability.   They spoke about the Sparkle program, which paired youth with Newman students to teach cheerleading where the youth could then perform at athletic events. They currently have a choir and have hosted proms and other activities.  They need help from the community/businesses to organize and formalize activities, events and jobs for individuals who tend to fall through the cracks of life that we all take for granted.  My sister is developmentally delayed due to trauma occurring during her birth and I applaud their efforts and hope others do as well.  Thank you Dirk for scheduling this valuable program on a great need in our community.
Boots & Shoes - $133  50/50 - $126
Guests - Dixon Rotarian, Leo Patterson, RF Rotarian, Cheryl Faber
Fritiof was absent due to traveling. 
Program - Dana Mccoy introduced Deb Keaschall from CGH.  Deb has served on the CGH team for 24 years and is currently the Auxiliary/Volunteer/Chaplaincy Program Manager and Ethics Coordinator.   Deb spoke about the auxiliary and its long history of 72 years and the many things they help with including the patient  volunteer program, managing the gift shop, fundraisers and purchasing items for CGH such as the holiday lighting. .  She shared an inspirational story of Charles Plumb, a pilot during the Vietnam War who parachuted from his damaged plane and was taken captive and held as a POW for 6 years.   He shares the story of meeting the person who packed his parachute.  And he ties that to a presentation he gives about "Who Packed your Parachute?".  Deb illustrated how volunteers at the hospital pack parachutes each day in helping patients and families at CGH.   Thanks Deb for sharing.  
Boots & Shoes - $111  50/50 - $114
Guests - Dixon Rotarian, Leo Patterson, Patti Berge,Jim Olson, Tony McCombie, Liz Buckwalter, Claire Milnes
Fritiof was absent due to traveling. 
Program - Barb Majeski introduced, IL State Representative of the 71st District, Tony McCombie.  Tony introduced her staff, Liz Buckwalter and intern, Claire Milnes. 
Representative McCombie shared much information regarding the state budget.  It was an informative program.  We encourage those who want to learn more  about IL finances and the IL budget to visit the state website. 
Our club was honored to have representative McCombie visit our club .
Our Annual Rotary Pork Chop BBQ was held this day.
One of our biggest ever. 
Many thanks to Gunnar and the many Rotarians and Volunteers who came out to work and support this, our largest fundraiser.
Boots & Shoes - $219 (Thanks to Bill Shaw for his generous donation)   50/50 - $105
Fritiof shared his attendance at a Cubs Game, his graduation and attending several graduation parties.  He will be leaving soon for a two week tour of the west coast.
Program - Dave Lowe introduced Alison White, Safe Passages Coordinator at Sinnissippi Centers.
Alison is employed through a grant funded by the Department of Criminal  Justice.
Alison's primary responsibility is to assist those individuals wanting to go into treatment to achieve that.  She responds to drug overdoses and counsels the individuals on entering treatment.  The Safe Passage program allows persons who are addicted to go into a law enforcement center and ask for treatment.  Alison is called and facilitates that process.  Alison shared with us that she is a former substance abuser and said everyone had given up on her and it took one person to not give up.  She entered treatment and now has completed her bachelors degree and is almost finished with her masters in clinical Psychology. 
Alison's story was an inspiring journey, and enlightened us about the drug problem facing our communities.   Thank you Alison and Dave for bringing this information to us.  
Boots & Shoes - $66     50/50 - $93
Guests -Rachel Humphreys, daughter of Rotarian Mark Humphreys visited today.  Rachel is a recent college graduate and will be starting her career in St. Louis with Edward Jones.   
 Fritiof was absent today. 
John G. announced that he and his wife LuAnn attended the District Conference in Galena and our club was awarded a "Certificate of Appreciation" for our Public Image.   Thanks to Barb Majeski and Dana for their efforts to promote the activities of our club.  
Program - Nick Lareau introduced Janna Groharing, Executive Director of Sterling Main Street.
Nick moved to Sterling in 2012. He has heard a lot of stories about the "good old days" of Sterling and he has an interest in ensuring Sterling continues to move forward and joined the Main Street board as an active participant.
Janna Spoke about the goals of Main street - 1 - Bringing unique shops and dining experience to the downtown and 1 - Attract and retain Millennials.
Sterling Main street is currently surveying community members and left surveys for those interested to complete and return. To meet the needs of the community, they need to know what the community wants and needs.
Events - 
May 30 - June 27 and July 25 - Aug. 29 - Pop-Up Market
June 4, June 18, July 2, July 16, July 30 - Movies at Grandon
Aug. 2 - Hot Dog Day 
Sept. 19 - Sip into Fall
Oct. 12 - Hops on the Rock
Dec. 6 - Sights and Sounds
Every Saturday Morning 8am - noon - Farmers Market.
Contact Sterling Main Street - or 815-626-8610 or find them on Facebook
Thanks for sharing all the exciting things happening in Sterling.
Boots & Shoes - $82     50/50 - $84
Guests -No Guests today
 Fritiof shared with us that his host family purchased Wii and they were enjoying all the games it provides.  He also told us how much he enjoyed attending prom and post prom. 
Program - Greg King introduced Joel Penne, Coachof the SHS Chess team.
Coach Joel brought several players from the team and shared their accomplishments.
     Won Sterling Invite 2 times - 2 times conference champs - ICCA 2A state champs - National champions
He spoke a lot about the progression of the team.  Told us about Niko, an exchange student from Poland, who was also the Polish Junior Nationals Champion.  Niko was able to help the team improve by sharing his skills and  his leadership of his teammates.  Coach Penne was also named Coach of the year in 2014.  Thanks for sharing, Coach Joel and Greg. 
Boots & Shoes - $101     50/50 - $72
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary  
 The club gave a big thank you to Deb Kelly from NHS and Jeff Gale from SHS.  These are the individuals who are responsible for getting the students here each week so they can share their stories and future plans.   Thank you for your efforts!
Fritiof shared with us that he was pleased to be back visiting the club after his accident.  Additionally he is pleased to now be able to eat without pureeing his food.   We continue to wish him well on his future surgeries.
Program - 
This was the annual meeting where students participate by assuming club responsibilities.  This year it was Newman High School students who assumed the responsibilities of greeters, Sgt. at Arms, Fun and Frolic, Invocation and the club Presidents role.  They did an excellent job.
Sterling students had the responsibility of providing the program and they didn't disappoint as the  Challand Middle School eighth grade choir entertained us with excerpts from "Grease" and the band "Queen". 
Link to District Newsletter - We made the newsletter, below is the link!
Boots & Shoes - $48     50/50 - $60
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary  - Linnea Koch
Student Guests  - Aaliyah Gaffey - SHS - Aaliyah informed us she will be going to the northern area of Italy near Milan.  Exciting News
NHS - Alex Whelan, Lexie Wether, Sydney Christophersen
SHS - Emalia Dunkel, Isaiah Ryan
Fritiof - Absent today due to an appointment.
Program - Lee Kraut
Lee introduced Rotary member, Wolf Koch and his spouse, Linnea.   They shared their trip to  Bosque del Apache in New Mexico which is a National Wildlife Refuge.   They told us about the Sandhill cranes and the many snow geese which inhabit this region.  They both shared their amazing photography of the cranes and snow geese.  Their photos are beautiful and were enjoyed by all.  Thanks Wolf & Linnea!
Boots & Shoes - $83     50/50 - $53
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary 
Student Guests  - Aaliyah Gaffey - SHS - Aaliyah will be our outbound exchange student to Italy
NHS - Drew Ackeman, Alex Whelan
SHS - Emalia Dunkel, Valerie Villareal, Nikki Collin, Isaiah Ryan
Fritiof - Thanks to Tom and Michelle Jensen for hosting a well attended open house for Fritiof, his father and his sister.  
Sadly, the next day, Fritiof was injured playing baseball when he was accidentally struck by the baseball bat.  Fritiof has significant healing to do, but fortunately no life threatening injuries.     We miss you Fritiof and look forward to a speedy recovery for you and having you back at our meetings. 
Program - Gunnar Ortgiesen - BBQ - BBQ - BBQ  on June 4.
This is our only fundraiser we do and we need everyone's help.   All proceeds go to support our donations to local groups, such as Rotaract, the SHS Chess Club, SHS Bots, The Student Excellence Event are a few examples.   This year, we will once again apply for a matching district grant along with Morrison and Rock Falls to support the Summer Manufacturing Camp for youth partnering with WACC and Woodlawn Arts Academy.
BBQ To Do List for Club Members!
  1. Sign up to help.  If you missed the sign up sheet, it will be there each week!!!! 
  2. Each Rotarian is responsible for purchasing or selling 10 tickets at $7 each.  It is our responsibility as club members.
  3. Thank Gunnar for his efforts to put this together. 
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
President Nominee
Immediate Past President
Membership Chair
Service Projects
Public Image Chair
Literacy Chair
Youth Services
Youth Exchange Officer
Rotary Foundation
Club Service
October 2019
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays:
  • Bill McLemore
    October 14
  • John Gvozdjak
    October 14
  • Christine Mitchell
    October 15
  • Carolyn Spencer
    October 25
Spouse/Partner Birthdays:
  • Mark Mitchell
    October 10
  • Bill McLemore
    October 14
  • Russ Spitzer
    October 4
  • Barbara Majeski
    October 5
Join Date:
  • Christy Zepezauer
    October 1, 2012
    7 years
  • Patricia Pettenger
    October 1, 2006
    13 years
  • Thomas Jensen
    October 15, 1993
    26 years
  • Edward Andersen
    October 16, 1979
    40 years
  • Paul Steinke
    October 16, 2018
    1 year
  • Dirk Meminger
    October 17, 2000
    19 years
  • John Berge
    October 19, 1994
    25 years
  • Kevin Heller
    October 22, 1996
    23 years
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