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Sterling, IL  61081
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Tom Jensen
Mar 19, 2019
Greeters - Berge & Berry Sgt. at Arms - Binder & Caramano Invocation - Haskell
Chrstina Berry
Mar 26, 2019
Greeters - Coester & Gvozdjak Sgt. at Arms - Haskell & Heller Invocation - Porter
Josh Johnson
Apr 02, 2019
Greeters - Hellmich & Hewitt Sgt. at Arms - Humphreys & Hutchcraft Invocation - Schlomer
Student Excellence is Apr 10
Apr 09, 2019
No Regular Meeting on April 9
Dave Hellmich filling in for T. Klaver
Apr 16, 2019
Greeters - Jacobs & Jensen Sgt. at Arms - Johnson & King Invocation - Coester
Wolf Koch
Apr 23, 2019
Greeters - Klaver & Munson Sgt. at Arms - Kraut & Lareau Invocation - Haskell
Lee Kraut
Apr 30, 2019
Greeters - Lowe & Majeski Sgt. at Arms - McCoy & Meminger Invocation - Munson
Greg King
May 14, 2019
Nick Lareau
May 21, 2019
Dave Lowe
May 28, 2019
Rotary BBQ
Jun 04, 2019
Barb Majeski
Jun 11, 2019
Dana McCoy
Jun 18, 2019
Dirk Meminger
Jun 25, 2019

Home Page Stories

Boots & Shoes - $343
50/50 - $254  WINNER! WINNER! Steve Munson
Steve donated all of his winnings to Boots &Shoes Fund.  Thank You Steve!
Guests -  Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary - Leo has tickets to their Shrimp Boil on April 13 at the KC Hall
Student Guests  SHS -Matthew Valentino, Rainbow Allen NHS - Olivia Boesen & Patrick Powers
 Program -Reed Hutchcraft introduced Dr. Ryan Anderson, from SVCC.   Dr. Anderson spoke about the Ag curriculum at the college and the many advances made within the past 18 months.  They have added Transfer Degrees, split the curriculum into Animal Science and Agronomy/Ag Business.  They have added Ag certificate programs and partner with businesses on externships which allow students to work and earn salary/benefits while attending school. He spoke of adding chickens to the program and hope to add goats as well.   Sauk will host 8,  4 day long Ag Mechanic workshops for Ag teachers soon.  It was interesting and exciting to hear about all of the advances in the Ag curriculum at SVCC.  Dr. Anderson's presentation was informative as well as entertaining.    
Boots & Shoes - $165
50/50 - $220
Student Guests  SHS -Matthew Valentino, Rainbow Allen & Luke Steinke   NHS - Julia Ardis and Katherine Crisham
Fritiof was at a leadership session and asked his host Tom Jensen to report for him   Fritiof has an orchestra concert on Wednesday, March 6 at 7pm and Choir on March 7 at 7:30 pm at Centennial Auditorium.  No charge to attend and he would appreciate Rotarians attending.    
 Program - Tim Schwingle introduced Joan Hermes, Executive Director of the CGH Health Foundation.  Joan shared that she has been the director for 27 years.   She shared with us the many important programs the Foundation supports. Our club passed the hat and raised $391 and the club matched $200 for a total of $591.   Thanks for members generosity. 
Boots & Shoes - $147
50/50 - $198
Guests - Allen Przysucha and Roger Wait of Sunrise Rotary. LuAnn & Katie Gvozdjak
Student Guests  SHS - Shelley Saathoff   NHS - Julia Ardis, Michael Frank and Katherine Crisham
Fritiof shared how much he enjoyed his role in Mama Mia and thanked everyone who attended. They raised $900 at the Pizza Ranch fundraiser. Moves this week to his new host family, the Jensens.  His parents are visiting around April 18 and will be attending a Rotary meeting.  
 Program - John G. hosted the program, the SHS Robotics Team. John introduced Mr. Rivera who shared information about the program which has only been in existence for a few years.   Students on the team shared with us their roles on the team and how they anticipate these skills to be helpful in their future. The group then demonstrated their robot which was extremely impressive.    Thanks to the SHS Robotics team. 
Boots & Shoes - $73
50/50 - $177
Guests - Bob Sondgeroth - RF Rotary
Student Guests  SHS - Shelley Saathoff   NHS - Brady Moran, Michael Frank and Kyle Yde
Fritiof encouraged us all to attend "Mama Mia" at SHS where he is playing one of the Dads.  Spent last weekend with the Taylor family sledding in Wisconsin.  Still has tickets for the Piano concert also at SHS.  Because Verizon has an international plan, he is looking for someone with a Verizon plan who will allow him to share for the remainder of his stay. 
 Program - Kevin Heller was the program.   Kevin shared interesting information about himself and his background including how he became involved in becoming a wresting coach. He also brought two of his wrestlers with him and shared stories about their successes.. Good job Kevin! 
Short newsletter as I was not able to be at the meeting.
Boots & Shoes - Good Results                50/50 - $154
Fritiof  spent time in Florida. 
 Program - David Hellmich introduced Mike Stevenson, Athletic Director for Sauk Valley Community College. .  
Boots & Shoes - $42                50/50 - $130
Guests -  Leo Patterson - Dixon Rotary
Student Guests  SHS - Samantha Spaulding, Aleya Gaffey, Julia Hoffman, Alyssa Marquez  NHS -Jacob Rude, Brady Moran
Fritiof  shared with us that he spent time at the Majeski household and did some snowmobiling.   The chess team also won conference and will be going to state.  Fritiof will be going along as equipment manager and provide team support.  He will be attending student exchange event in Galena this weekend. 
 Program - The program was our member Gary Camarano, Whiteside Area Economic Development Director.  Gary showed us two new marketing videos.  Viedo 1 illustrates the opportunities for new business in our area.   Video 2 illustrates the quality of life in our area.  Both are excellent tools to market our communities and we thank Gary for sharing.  
Chocolate Rendezvous Ticket Raffle next week - At next weeks meeting we will be raffling tickets to the SVCC Foundation Chocolate Rendezvous.  Buy a few more 50/50 tickets and your ticket may be drawn to win a ticket to this event - $50 value.  Proceeds benefit Boots & Shoe Fund.
Boots & Shoes - $120
50/50 - $117
Guests -  Lori Cortez -SVCC, Alan Przysucha-Sunrise Rotary, Dave Abele - Morrison Rotary, Mike Albert - Rock Falls Rotary
Student Guests  SHS - Gretchen Gould and Jessica Cain   NHS - Brie Rosengren and Jacob Rude
Fritiof was  in the Dells with the McCoys then meeting Schlegels in Chicago. Saw the Louisville Slugger Museum.  Visited the shooting range with Tim Schwingle.  Selling t-shirts for Student Council.
 Program - Jerry Binder introduced David Hellmich, President of SVCC and Lori Cortez, Director of the SVCC Foundation. 
Dave spoke about the value and importance of Community Colleges and how fortunate we are to have such an excellent one available to our communities. Lori spoke about the Foundation and a new program being instituted, "Sauk Promise Program".  The goal is to raise awareness of the value of college to youth as young as elementary school.  The program will be introduced to area schools and after participating students meet 5 criteria they may be eligible to 3 yrs of education at SVCC.  SVCC Foundation will be kicking off a 12 million dollar campaign in the spring with an annual sustainability campaign of 500,000 annually.   Great Program!
Boots & Shoes - $98
50/50 - $108/
Guests -  Leo Patterson of Dixon Rotary
Student Guests   No student guests today.
Fritiof was  in the Dells with the McCoys then meeting Schlegels in Chicago. 
 Program - John Berge introduced Jerry Schnake, volunteer at the Reagan Home and Paige Toms, Board Member. 
Jerry shared a few interesting stories about the Reagan family when they lived in his boyhood home in Dixon.  The home receives about 8,000 visitors annually as a popular visitor site in our area. Also shared the cost of upkeep on the home.  Paige shared a bit about their campaign to raise funds to support the home and continued maintenance costs.   We will be hearing more about this soon. 
Feb, 8 a fundraising event is scheduled with Michael Reagan as the keynote speaker.  More to come on this event.  Thanks for a wonderful program.
Boots & Shoes - $63
50/50 - $94
Guests -  Leo Patterson of Dixon Rotary, Cathy Binder, Tim Schlegel, Alan Pzysucha from Sunrise Rotary,  and Samantha O'Keefe
Student Guests  NHS - Hannah Dixon SHS - Jessica Payne & Gretchen Gould
Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Went to see a Holiday Light Show, CMS Choir concert, Christmas at the Taylors and participating in a music concert at SHS that evening.       Program - Mr. Weston Henry led the SHS Madrigals in a beautiful performance enjoyed by all.   Wonderful concert.
Boots & Shoes - $85
50/50 - $85 
Guests -  Mark Humphreys, Jana Jacobs, Leo Patterson of Dixon Rotary and Roger Wait of Sunrise Rotary
Student Guests  NHS - Hannah Dixon and Bree Rosengren
Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Fritiof had a quiet weekend as he was under the weather.   Almost missed Rotary today as he was in the nurse's office napping and they almost forgot to wake him.  He auditioned for the school play, Mama Mia and received the part of Bill.   We look forward to seeing Fritiof in his acting debut on the stage.                        Program - Jon Berens intorduced Heather Wittenauer, Principal of Jefferson School.  Heather spoke to us about the summer reading program which they would like to continue but would need funding.  The  program provides 8 books to Kindergarten and first Graders throughout SPS5 along with a schedule for completing the books.  The package includes a book bag, reading light and other items donated by Halo.  The books are returned and reused for the next year.   This program allows the kids to maintain their reading skills over the summer months. 475 students participated in the program.   This sounds like an important program for our youth.   Nice job Heather.
Boots & Shoes - $103
50/50 - $67 
Guests - Jana Jacobs Mark Humphreys and Carter Schlegel
Student Guests  from NHS were Khloe, Emily Schaab.
  Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Went golfing and bowling with the Schlegels.  Played the base drum at the football game.  Shared the Swedish tradition of Gingerbread House making competition and indicated he would have the Schlegel family participate.                                  
Program - Tim Schwingle introduced Linda Giesen from the Dixon Rotary who provided the program on the Rotary Foundation.
Linda spoke to the 6 areas of focus, Promoting Peace, Supporting Women & Children, Fighting disease, Providing Clean Water, Sanitation & Hygiene, Supporting Education and Growing Local Economies. The goal is to have every Rotarian give a minimum of $100 this year to the Foundation.    Brad distributed forms to sign up for auto withdrawal from your checking account for those interested.  Thanks Linda for your important message.
Boots & Shoes - $110
50/50 - $77 
Guests - Mark Humphreys and Laura Welty
Student Guests  No Students today
Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners, at Taylors and Schlegels. Went Black Friday shopping and indicated spent a lot of time waiting.  Enjoyed cutting down Christmas Tree.  Went to Wisconsin to meet Brice's host family sister who will be an incoming exchange student.  Attended the International Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Leo Patterson family.  Fritiof will be heading to a chess meet later today.      Busy, busy, busy....                        
Program - Ed Andersen was our program today sharing his trip to China.  Was fortunate to travel with his neighbor who has much experience traveling to China.  He shared a lot of information about visiting Shanghai and Beijing.  Also was able to see the Terracotta soldiers.   Showed many great pictures and highlights of their trip.  Very enjoyable presentation - Thanks for sharing Ed.
Boots & Shoes - $64
50/50 - $58 
Guests - Jana Jacobs Craig Bowen, - Emily Taylor, Cynthia Stringer & Karen Voss from Hospice - Mark Humphreys
Program - Cynthia Stringer, Bereavement Counselor from Rock River Hopice and Home spoke about the bereavement service that hospice provides to the families of Hospice patients.   Each family is assessed for how they may be dealing with their personal grief.   A plan is put in place depending on their individual needs.  Sometimes it requires ongoing counseling, or participating in a grief group, or just an occasional touch base.   Every family receives  mailings during the 13 months following the passing of their loved one.  As a medicare certified Hospice, they are required to provided these services for every family for 13 months and there is no reimbursement from Medicare for these services. Karen spoke about the 29th annual Festival of Trees and encouraged  all to take a moment and check it out.  
The hat (stocking) was passed and with a match from our club a, $392 donation was made to Hospice.   Thanks for your generosity.
Secretary was absent so no meeting information available.
Boots & Shoes - 
50/50 - $50 
Guests - 
Student Guests                                               
Fritiof -  Fritiof moving to new host family, the Schlegels.  
Program - Mike Sprague introduced Colonel Michael Friedlin, a 1974 graduate of SHS.   Michael gave our Veteran's Day program.
Boots & Shoes - $118
50/50 - $50 
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary - Roger Wait, Sunrise Rotary-  LuAnn & Katie Gvozdjak,Patty Berge and Mark Humphreys
Student Guests - SHS - Samantha Hibbard, Gracie Trader, Andrew Iverson
Fritiof -  Fritiof reported his Orchestra concert is Oct. 30 @ 7:30 at Centennial Auditorium.   He will be changing host families, moving to the Schlegels.  
Program - Russ Spitzer introduced our own John G..  John recently was a guest on a refueling mission at Grissom Air reserve Base in  Indiana. James Bushman a punch press operator at Frantz Mfg.  nominated John.  John was one of several in a group  that were able to take part in this exciting event.   Frantz Mfg. was also recognized for participating in the ESGR program, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.  John spoke about the Frantz commitment to veterans and active reserves that are employed at Frantz.  Thanks John and Russ for a very interesting program.
Boots & Shoes - $188
50/50 - $50 
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary - Bill Shaw-  Bob Sondgeroth, RF Rotary
Student Guests - SHS - Lauren Humphreys, Genea Garza, 
                                                 NHS - Madison Craft, Isaac Blaney
Fritiof - Orchestra concert is Oct. 30 @ 7:30 at Centennial Auditorium.   Attended a Stingray swim meet in Peoria.  Was presented a t-shirt from member Christina Berry from her trip to Dodge City, KS, her home town.
Program - Russ Siefken introduced Jennifer Heintzelman GM at Sauk Valley Media.   Jennifer shared with us about the many changes the newspaper has undergone over the years. Thanks Jennifer & Russ.
Boots & Shoes - $95
50/50 - $50 
Guests - Leo Patterson, Dixon Rotary - Jana Jacobs, guest of Chris Mitchell, Jim Olson, Don's son, Paul Steinke
Student Guests - SHS - Lauren Humphreys, Genea Garza, Trevor Carroll
                                                 NHS - Maddy Jacobs, Spencer Mock
Fritiof - Fritiof shared that he was elected president of the orchestra board.  Played at the SHS invitational, played int he regional soccer game.
Program - Ray Sharp introduced Jim Boesen from the AARP tax aide organization.   This group of volunteers provides tax preparation to those in need.  Jim has been involved for 20 years of the 50 years in service.  They are at the YWCA on Thursdays from 11 - 4 and the Whiteside Senior Center on Mondays from 10 - 4 and in Dixon on Mondays & Thursdays. Annually they do 2,000 tax returns for those needing assistance.   They could use more volunteers and begin recruiting in Dec. with a 1-2 day training held in January.  Thanks Jim for being involved in this important organization and for sharing your story.
Due to Club Secretary being out of town last week this is an abbreviated newsletter.
50/50 -  
Fun & Frolic - 
Program - 
Tim Schwingle took club members on a tour of the  Challand Middle school new addition. - Thanks Tim 
50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $48 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  - Leo from Dixon Rotary - Roger Wait from Sunrise Rotary
Student Guests - 
NHS - Shay Hafner & Meagan Moore
SHS - Carter Kenney, Josh  O'Brien, Madison Anderson, Sierra Villarreal
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included joining other SHS orchestra students in playing with the Clonton Symphony at Centennial Auditorium.  He will be attending homecoming with Kaitelyn Grell.  He also demonstrated a CUBS alarm clock he received at the CUB game which plays "GoCubsGo".  He also came in costume as it was "cartoon character" day at SHS for homecoming. 
Program - 
Loren Schlomer introduced Lauren Wills who is a chiropractor and a member of the Sunrise Rotary.  Lauren is on the board of "Friends of Hennepin Canal" and spoke about the work the group is doing in raising funds to repair  Lock 33, on the feeder canal in Rock Falls along with two other locks on the Hennepin.   They are holding an Ultra Running event beginning Oct. 6.  Three races, 100mile, 50K and 50 miles. they have 450 runners enrolled in the race.  The group has raised $25,000 to date and hope to repair Lock 33 first working with the IDNR to accomplish this.   Thanks for sharing Loren & Lauren!
50/50 -  $50- Dave Lowe Winner - Donated $25 back to club - thanks Dave
Fun & Frolic - $91 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  - Dr. Paul Steinke-guest of Dana, Brian Tribley - guest of Jeff 
Student Guests - SHS - Amber Kuhn
Fritiof shared his prior week activities, which included attending the Homecoming parade,game.  He thanked Tim for his End Polio Now t-shirt which he will wear during the Oct. 13 walk. He is running for president of the orchestra board. 
Program - 
Ed Saunders introduced Stephanie Englund a substance abuse counselor from Sinnissippi Centers.   Stephanie spoke about the recovery house recently opened for men.  It is a 10 bed home which serves as an inpatient residence for men post their 28 day treatment.   She explained that after completing treatment it is important that individuals have a safe place to continue their recovery. They hope to be able to open one for women in the future.  Thanks  Ed & Stephanie. 
50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $71 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  - Leo from Dixon Rotary - Dr. Paul Steinke guest of Dana, Mike Smith, guest of Reed Hutchcraft
Student Guests - 
NHS - Shay Hafner & Megan Moore
SHS - Carter Kenney, Joshua B., Madison Anderson, Sierra Villareal
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included attending a CUB game and although they lost, he had a great time.   attended cheese days,  and spoke to the Kiwanis club in Sterling. 
Program - 
Ron Potthoff introduced Tekla Martin of the Sterling Police Dept. and comfort dog, Brinkley.   Tekla explained that when the K-9 dog retired, the dept. decided to replace him with Brinkley.   Brinkley attends community events, provides comfort to  youth and adults involved in traumatic events, and goes regularly to April House to support the children.   Brinkley came from a highly regarded trainer in Kalamazoo, MI.   After learning how Brinkley was to be utilized the trainer began  looking for pups with behavioural characteristics that would make a good comfort dog.  Brinkley was one of a litter of  10 pups and exhibited calm and comforting traits.   The trainer thought she would be perfect for her role with SPD and that has proven too be accurate. Everyone had an opportunity to pet Brinkley which she loved.   Thanks Tekla!
50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $82 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  & Dr. Paul Steinke guest of Dana, Cheryl Faber, Assistant District Governor.
NHS - David Swegle & Mary Powers
SHS - Nathaniel Stout, Zaina Rumbolz, Tiara Munoz & Katelyn Grell
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included playing in his first home soccer game at SHS and attending the first home football game which he is he learning more about. He thanked Kevin Heller as Kevin will be taking Fritiof to a CUBS game on Wednesday.
Program - 
Christie introduced our District Governor, Kathy Kwiat-Hess from Rockford to a standing ovation.   Kathy's background is a retired clinical social worker and one of her proudest and most impactful moments in her life was going to New York after 9/11 providing mental health services.
Kathy spoke to us about our responsibility to engage in Rotary and encourage membership.  She shared this year's theme which is "Be the Inspiration" .  She explained the logo to us, indicating the blue swirls represent waves which are forces of nature with a heart inside indicating the heart of rotary and a sail on the outside, all of these symbols represent that "Rotarians Move with Heart and Direction".  Thank you Kathy for an inspiring message.
50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $82 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  & Dr. Paul Steinke guest of Dana
NHS - David Swegle & Mary Powers
SHS - Nathaniel Stout, Zaina Rumbolz, Tiara Munoz & Katelyn Grell
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included riding on a golf cart checking out farmland and buildings, horror film marathon and soccer.
Program - 
Pat Pettenger introduced Sarah McFarlane, Adult Education Program Director and Laura Moreno, project VITAL Coordinator.
Sarah has been at SVCC for 8 yrs and spoke about the AED program.  Program is funded through state and federal grants.  Included offering opportunities such as ;
GED completion, assisting with citizenship application, basic educational skills, learning English.
Some goals of AED are to assist students with becoming more employable, assisting parents in a successful partner in their children's education, improving a students participation in the community.  This program had 40 GED grads last year.
Laura spoke about her work with Project VITAL beginning with her background- Laura came to the US from Mexico 8 years ago.  During this time, she learned English, completed an Associate's at Sauk and completed a Bachelor's degree through Western IL University.   She now leads the Vital program. 
The goal of VITAL is to assist individuals to learn to read or improve their reading skills.  Students are considered completing the program when they can read at the 9th grade level. This program is in great need of tutors.  A flyer is attached to the bulletin about the fall VITAL training.  
Thanks Pat and Dave for another great program.
50/50 -  $50- Greg King was the winner today!
Fun & Frolic - $139 - great job today!
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof - 
Christy read a lovely note from Brice thanking the club for the opportunity to go to France as an exchange student.
The basket was passed for a collection for St. Jude ride and $80 was collected which will be forwarded to Bob Sondgeroth.
Program - 
Club Assembly- Christy led a lively discussion on club goals.   Items discussed were:
  • Why as individuals did we join Rotary?
  • What does Rotary do?
  • What are our membership goals?
  • What are our donation priorities?
  • Cost of membership.
  • Financial responsibilities of members.
  • Weekly duty responsibilities of members.
  • Members suggested club socials where prospective members may be invited. 
Thank you Christy for leading this important discussion.
Club Executives & Directors
President Elect
Immediate Past President
Membership Chair
Public Image Chair
Literacy Chair
Youth Services
Youth Exchange Officer
March 2019
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