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Boots & Shoes - $219 (Thanks to Bill Shaw for his generous donation)   50/50 - $105
Fritiof shared his attendance at a Cubs Game, his graduation and attending several graduation parties.  He will be leaving soon for a two week tour of the west coast.
Program - Dave Lowe introduced Alison White, Safe Passages Coordinator at Sinnissippi Centers.
Alison is employed through a grant funded by the Department of Criminal  Justice.
Alison's primary responsibility is to assist those individuals wanting to go into treatment to achieve that.  She responds to drug overdoses and counsels the individuals on entering treatment.  The Safe Passage program allows persons who are addicted to go into a law enforcement center and ask for treatment.  Alison is called and facilitates that process.  Alison shared with us that she is a former substance abuser and said everyone had given up on her and it took one person to not give up.  She entered treatment and now has completed her bachelors degree and is almost finished with her masters in clinical Psychology. 
Alison's story was an inspiring journey, and enlightened us about the drug problem facing our communities.   Thank you Alison and Dave for bringing this information to us.  
  • June 4 - Rotary BBQ at SHS  - No meeting on June 4 as need "ALL HANDS ON DECK" for BBQ.
BBQ To Do List for Club Members!
  • Sign up to help.  If you missed the sign up sheet, it will be there each week or contact Gunner!!!! 
  • Each Rotarian is responsible for purchasing or selling 10 tickets at $7 each.  
  • Thank Gunnar for his efforts. 
  • RF Rotary is seeking a host family for their exchange student from France from June 22 - July 17.   Let Dana know if you can help!
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