Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $165
50/50 - $220
Student Guests  SHS -Matthew Valentino, Rainbow Allen & Luke Steinke   NHS - Julia Ardis and Katherine Crisham
Fritiof was at a leadership session and asked his host Tom Jensen to report for him   Fritiof has an orchestra concert on Wednesday, March 6 at 7pm and Choir on March 7 at 7:30 pm at Centennial Auditorium.  No charge to attend and he would appreciate Rotarians attending.    
 Program - Tim Schwingle introduced Joan Hermes, Executive Director of the CGH Health Foundation.  Joan shared that she has been the director for 27 years.   She shared with us the many important programs the Foundation supports. Our club passed the hat and raised $391 and the club matched $200 for a total of $591.   Thanks for members generosity. 
  • John reminded us that WSDR will host Christy Z. on March 12 @ 8:30 am for Rotary on the Radio. He asked us all to tune in.   
  • Kevin Heller will be attending the donor recognition luncheon hosted by Rock River Hospice and Home on behalf of our club and the donation we made utilizing the matching grant funds from the district. 
  • IMPORTANT:   Only one card left which guarantees a winner at next weeks meeting.  Please be sure to attend and purchase tickets as you may be the lucky winner of what is currently a $220 pot that will grow next week depending on how many tickets are purchased.
  • Brice's email:  
  • Greeters - Don't forget to arrive a bit early and assign visiting students to a Rotarian.
  • Important Dates:
    • March 23 - Wine & Beer Tasting at Brandywine - Fundraiser for the Sunrise Rotary Club
    • April 10 - Student Excellence Night at Abiding Word Church
    • April 11 - YWCA Women of Achievement Luncheon at Dixon Elks
    • June 4 - Rotary BBQ at SHS 
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