Posted by Carolyn Spencer
No Boots & Shoes Today-   50/50 - $149
Guests - Brice Taylor and his dad, Adin Taylor Jr.   We are so pleased to have Brice back home from France and happy to have his dad here today.
Roger Wait and Allen Przysucka, Sunrise Rotary
Mayor Skip Lee and his guests, prospective members, Lori Lowe and Bill McLemore
Aaleya Gaffey
Fritiof Shared about how much he is enjoying baseball and will be presenting on July 9 about his year in the USA.
Program - Dana McCoy received the Frank Broderick award in 2005 and was here to tell us about her connection with Rotary.   Dana has been a dedicated Rotarian, traveling on several trips to dig wells and vaccinate children against polio.  Dana is definitely an outstanding example of Service Above Self.  Thank you Dana for your belief and commitment to Rotary.
Awards: We are proud to have presented the following awards at the July 2 meeting.  Congratulations!
Kevin Heller - Frank W. Broderick Award recipient
Chris Mitchell - Service Above Self Recipient
Russ Siefken Jr. - Service Above Self recipient
It's Official - christy passed the gavel to John G.   
  • THANK YOU Christy Z. for leading your fellow Rotarians in such an inspiring way this past year.  A big welcome to John G. as we look forward to his ledership in the upcoming Rotary year.
  • July 9 - Fritiof's presentation of his year in the USA plus Tom Brooks , District Youth Director will be here!!