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Secretary was absent so no meeting information available.
Boots & Shoes - 
50/50 - $50 
Guests - 
Student Guests                                               
Fritiof -  Fritiof moving to new host family, the Schlegels.  
Program - Mike Sprague introduced Colonel Michael Friedlin, a 1974 graduate of SHS.   Michael gave our Veteran's Day program.
  • Reminder - Nov. 13 program is at Northland Mall for Festival of Trees.
  • Brice's email is:  
  • Brice reported via email that he has returned to school from fall break and it is going well.  He will move to his new host family in January and he is happy to be able to spend Christmas with his current host family.  His second host family has a son that lives in Paris and he is hoping for a trip there.  He indicated that he has not had Chicken at his Rotary meetings yet, but did try a spread of cheese and wine!
  • Upcoming Rotary dates:
    • Nov. 10 - Foundation Dinner at Brandywine 4 - 10pm
    • Thanks to all for getting programs identified early so they can get in the newsletter. 
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