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Boots & Shoes - $97
50/50 -  $111 - No winner today!
Guests -Brice Taylor - outbound exchange student, Cheryl Faber - from RF Rotary, Josh Johnson-WACC director and potential new member
Program - 
Chris Mitchell introduced Gavin Jensen,  Education Reporter from Sauk Valley Media and son of Rotarian Tom Jensen.
Gavin shared with us how he became interested in journalism through a Media class at UW at Platteville. He spoke about his responsibilities as an education reporter for our local newspaper.  His career aspirations are to advance at the paper and/or teach the same class that peaked his interest in the industry.   We are happy to have Gavin back in our community 
  • Brad has sent out dues statements via email - please let us know if you did not receive yours.  Brad would appreciate prompt payment. 
  • Upcoming Rotary dates:
    • Aug. 7 @ 7:30 pm Rotary Night at Timberlake Playhouse- 
    • Oct. 13 - End Polio Walk at centennial Park in RF - registration begins at 8am
    • Oct. 13 - #1 of 3 grant trainings at CGH 9am - noon
    • Nov. 10 - Foundation Dinner at Brandywine 4 - 10pm
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