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50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $82 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  & Dr. Paul Steinke guest of Dana
NHS - David Swegle & Mary Powers
SHS - Nathaniel Stout, Zaina Rumbolz, Tiara Munoz & Katelyn Grell
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included riding on a golf cart checking out farmland and buildings, horror film marathon and soccer.
Program - 
Pat Pettenger introduced Sarah McFarlane, Adult Education Program Director and Laura Moreno, project VITAL Coordinator.
Sarah has been at SVCC for 8 yrs and spoke about the AED program.  Program is funded through state and federal grants.  Included offering opportunities such as ;
GED completion, assisting with citizenship application, basic educational skills, learning English.
Some goals of AED are to assist students with becoming more employable, assisting parents in a successful partner in their children's education, improving a students participation in the community.  This program had 40 GED grads last year.
Laura spoke about her work with Project VITAL beginning with her background- Laura came to the US from Mexico 8 years ago.  During this time, she learned English, completed an Associate's at Sauk and completed a Bachelor's degree through Western IL University.   She now leads the Vital program. 
The goal of VITAL is to assist individuals to learn to read or improve their reading skills.  Students are considered completing the program when they can read at the 9th grade level. This program is in great need of tutors.  A flyer is attached to the bulletin about the fall VITAL training.  
Thanks Pat and Dave for another great program.
  • District Governor - Kathy Kwiat-Hess will be here on September 11
  • Please show your respect for our district governor by your attendance and standing for her introduction.
  • Upcoming Rotary dates:
    • Oct. 13 - End Polio Walk at centennial Park in RF - registration begins at 8am
    • Oct. 13 - #1 of 3 grant trainings at CGH 9am - noon
    • Nov. 10 - Foundation Dinner at Brandywine 4 - 10pm
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