Posted by Carolyn Spencer
50/50 -  $50- 
Fun & Frolic - $82 
Guests - Inbound student Fritiof  & Dr. Paul Steinke guest of Dana, Cheryl Faber, Assistant District Governor.
NHS - David Swegle & Mary Powers
SHS - Nathaniel Stout, Zaina Rumbolz, Tiara Munoz & Katelyn Grell
Fritiof shared with us his prior week activities, which included playing in his first home soccer game at SHS and attending the first home football game which he is he learning more about. He thanked Kevin Heller as Kevin will be taking Fritiof to a CUBS game on Wednesday.
Program - 
Christie introduced our District Governor, Kathy Kwiat-Hess from Rockford to a standing ovation.   Kathy's background is a retired clinical social worker and one of her proudest and most impactful moments in her life was going to New York after 9/11 providing mental health services.
Kathy spoke to us about our responsibility to engage in Rotary and encourage membership.  She shared this year's theme which is "Be the Inspiration" .  She explained the logo to us, indicating the blue swirls represent waves which are forces of nature with a heart inside indicating the heart of rotary and a sail on the outside, all of these symbols represent that "Rotarians Move with Heart and Direction".  Thank you Kathy for an inspiring message.
  • New Member, Josh Johnson was inducted today.
  • Upcoming Rotary dates:
    • Oct. 13 - End Polio Walk at centennial Park in RF - registration begins at 8am
    • Oct. 13 - #1 of 3 grant trainings at CGH 9am - noon
    • Nov. 10 - Foundation Dinner at Brandywine 4 - 10pm
    • District Conference in Galena on May 17 & 18.
"Be the Inspiration"