Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $140 - Good Job Russ & Kevin
50/50 -  $69 - No Winner
Students today:  SHS - Colton Conklen & Akira Tauton - NHS - Kate Bonnell & Cassidy Wilson
Renee Krick, Leo Patterson, George Kelly guest of Tom Jensen, Chris Lee, Staff Aide for Rep. Tony McCombie
Alex shared that he is still tending to his injured knee and had received an injection that morning at CGH.
Russ Spitzer introduced IL State Rep., Tony McCombie.  Tony grew up in Savanna where she served as Mayor prior to her election to state office.   Tony shared  her interest in revising some of the many rules and also in state finances.   She indicates we really need to know what goes into those numbers before we can realistically look at how to cut or spend.  Thanks Tony for taking the time to speak to our Rotary club.  
  • Veterans Day Meeting - Nov. 7 - lets have a good turnout for our local Veterans.  
  • Please get your programs to Carolyn in advance so we can share that information in the newsletter.