Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $76 - Good Job Jerry & Ray
50/50 -  $50 -
Students today:  Logan Rocha, Sarah Ogg - Abby Nitz- Audrey Melton - James Roddy - Kaitlyn Accardi
Guests - Pam Martinez and Lou Rocha from the United Way office
Loren Schlomer  introduced Bob Sondgeroth, Regional Superintendent of Schools for Lee, Ogle & Whiteside Counties and a member of the Rock Falls Rotary Club. Bob oversees many responsibilities for the schools including compliance for fire prevention and the health, life and safety code.  Bob has implemented many new procedures during his current term and is running for re-election to continue those initiatives.   
  • On October 10, we will pass the hat for the CGH Health Foundation which the club will match up to $500.
  • Please get your programs to Carolyn in advance so we can share that information in the newsletter.