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Boots & Shoes - $110
50/50 - $77 
Guests - Mark Humphreys and Laura Welty
Student Guests  No Students today
Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Enjoyed two Thanksgiving dinners, at Taylors and Schlegels. Went Black Friday shopping and indicated spent a lot of time waiting.  Enjoyed cutting down Christmas Tree.  Went to Wisconsin to meet Brice's host family sister who will be an incoming exchange student.  Attended the International Thanksgiving dinner hosted by the Leo Patterson family.  Fritiof will be heading to a chess meet later today.      Busy, busy, busy....                        
Program - Ed Andersen was our program today sharing his trip to China.  Was fortunate to travel with his neighbor who has much experience traveling to China.  He shared a lot of information about visiting Shanghai and Beijing.  Also was able to see the Terracotta soldiers.   Showed many great pictures and highlights of their trip.  Very enjoyable presentation - Thanks for sharing Ed.
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  • Ed Andersen sent out the program list for Jan. - June 2019.   Start thinking about your programs now so we can get them on the calendar.  Thanks everyone.
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