Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $67
50/50 -  $50 No Winner today
Guests - Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary, Mike Sullivan, guest of Jerry Binder
Wolf Koch presented today.  He provided a very interesting program on energy,  specifically relating to Biofuel Mandates and Energy Cost and Pricing.  I am certain we all learned new information from his presentation.  Thank Wolf!
  • Noon Rotary BBQ on June 5 - Ticket price: $7.  Each member is asked to sell or purchase at least 10 tickets.  Also, don't forget to sign up to help that day.  
  • Kevin Heller will be moving on the board at the end of June and we need a board member.  Please see Mike if interested.
  • YWCA Entrance - The doors to the YWVCA will be locked at all times.  To enter the building, press the buzzer, and you will hear a chirp, which means the door has unlocked for opening.   To exit the building, press the green button to your left.   
  • Note - Rock Falls Rotary club will be meeting off site on June 25 @ Rotary Park in Rock Falls
  • Please get your programs to Carolyn in advance so we can include in the newsletter.