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Boots & Shoes - $82     50/50 - $84
Guests -No Guests today
 Fritiof shared with us that his host family purchased Wii and they were enjoying all the games it provides.  He also told us how much he enjoyed attending prom and post prom. 
Program - Greg King introduced Joel Penne, Coachof the SHS Chess team.
Coach Joel brought several players from the team and shared their accomplishments.
     Won Sterling Invite 2 times - 2 times conference champs - ICCA 2A state champs - National champions
He spoke a lot about the progression of the team.  Told us about Niko, an exchange student from Poland, who was also the Polish Junior Nationals Champion.  Niko was able to help the team improve by sharing his skills and  his leadership of his teammates.  Coach Penne was also named Coach of the year in 2014.  Thanks for sharing, Coach Joel and Greg. 
  • June 4 - Rotary BBQ at SHS  - No meeting on June 4 as need "ALL HANDS ON DECK" for BBQ.
BBQ To Do List for Club Members!
  • Sign up to help.  If you missed the sign up sheet, it will be there each week or contact Gunner!!!! 
  • Each Rotarian is responsible for purchasing or selling 10 tickets at $7 each.  
  • Thank Gunnar for his efforts. 
  • RF Rotary is seeking a host family for their exchange student from France from June 22 - July 17.   Let Dana know if you can help!
  • Brice's email:  
  • Greeters - Don't forget to arrive a bit early and assign visiting students to a Rotarian.
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