Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $202    50/50 $173   
Guests - Prospective Members - Lori Lowe & Bill McLemore
Outbound student - Aaliyah Gaffey
Gunnar's guest - Bryce Olson
Katie, Nik, Margo and Dave Jakobs
Program - Dave Hellmich 
Dave introduced Nik Jakobs of Jakob Bros Farms who presented "Ag Under Pressure"
After living away from home and working in finance, Nik moved home 6 years ago to work in the family business.
He spoke about how this spring has been challenging because of the record amounts of rain, particularly in April. 
He spoke about three areas that impact farming, Climate, such as the wet spring, Economics - the political environment  and Social - the growth of urban areas impacting the "family farms".  Nik's presentation was informative, interesting and current.  Thank you Nik and Dave.  
  • Club 5:05 - Meets Thursday, July 25 @ The Precinct @ 5:05
  • Aug. 3 - Gala at Timberlake - Contact Dana for more info or go to Timberlake website.