Boots & Shoes  -  $ 81  - Good job Russ & Ray!
50/50 - $101 - No winner today!
Guests:  Jeff Spitzer - Marketing Director at Sterling Park District 
                 Bob Sondgeroth from RF Rotary
             Rhonda, Colton & Katy Conklen - Colton is the outbound student heading to South Korea
             Cheyenne Smith (Sterling and Kirsten Sommers (RF) - Rotary scholarship Recipients - Both will be attending SVCC in the fall.
Program was hosted by Tony Miller 
Tony announced our inbound exchange student will be from Thailand and arriving 8/15.  Her first host will be the McCoy family. Thank you Mike and Dana.
Tony then introduced Caleb McCoy and Antoine Dumontet, who are participating in the Rotary Short Term exchange Program this summer. 
Antoine is here from Yvetot, France and Caleb will be visiting France and staying with Antoine's family.    Caleb is excited to see historical sites and architecture in France while he is there.  Antoine is involved in triathlons and likes to garden.  He said everything in the United States is large, houses, cars, etc.   Antoine taught Caleb how to make crepes while here.  We are honored to sponsor these young men in this program.    
  • Our club still needs a Board Member - Contact Kevin at if interested.
  • Tim Schwingle presented Mark Mench a 3 time Paul Harris member and Kevin Heller and 2 time Paul Harris member.  Congratulations Mark and Kevin for your support of the Rotary Foundation.
  • RF Rotary will begin meeting at Harvest Time Church in Rock Falls.
  • Mark your calendars for the RF Rotary Corn Boil on July 19.
  • Board is still researching options for lunch.  Until determined, July 19 will be catered by Arthurs, July 26 by Candlelight and August 2 by Angelo's.
  • Chris Mitchell presented Patrice with a gift and a thank you for her many years of catering to the club.