Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $57- great job - Dave M. & Larry
50/50 -  $89 No Winner Today
Guests -Leo Patterson from Dixon Rotary and Josh Johnson - new director of WACC and guest of Jerry Binder
Brice Taylor - outbound exchange student
Program - 
Dirk Meminger introduced Kris Noble for the Sauk Valley Area Chamber.   Kris presented information on the "Millenial Project"  This project goal is to identify the interests of this generation to draw them and retain them in the Sauk Valley Area.    A panel of 21 - 35 year olds was established and items wee identified that would be important to this generation.  Such as; high speed internet - an investment in youth and youth activities - support for entrepreneurs - night life other than "bars".    Seems like a worthwhile endeavor for the chamber to participate in.
Thanks Kris & Dirk. 
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