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Guests -  Mark Humphreys, Jana Jacobs, Leo Patterson of Dixon Rotary and Roger Wait of Sunrise Rotary
Student Guests  NHS - Hannah Dixon and Bree Rosengren
Fritiof shared stories of his past week.   Fritiof had a quiet weekend as he was under the weather.   Almost missed Rotary today as he was in the nurse's office napping and they almost forgot to wake him.  He auditioned for the school play, Mama Mia and received the part of Bill.   We look forward to seeing Fritiof in his acting debut on the stage.                        Program - Jon Berens intorduced Heather Wittenauer, Principal of Jefferson School.  Heather spoke to us about the summer reading program which they would like to continue but would need funding.  The  program provides 8 books to Kindergarten and first Graders throughout SPS5 along with a schedule for completing the books.  The package includes a book bag, reading light and other items donated by Halo.  The books are returned and reused for the next year.   This program allows the kids to maintain their reading skills over the summer months. 475 students participated in the program.   This sounds like an important program for our youth.   Nice job Heather.
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  • Brice Update - 
    • Brice shared news with us via email.   He is encouraged by his great improvement with the French language which helps his confidence. Thanksgiving week he went to the home of his Inbound host near Toulouse with another American student.   Was able to speak English so had relief from French language for a bit.  They were supposed to attend a Rotary international dinner the Sunday following Thanksgiving, however due to the riots in France it was cancelled.  It has been a bit frightening with the protests and all exchange students were encouraged by Rotary International to always have a companion and stay safe.  He is excited to be going to visit the Palace of Versailles, a birthday gift from his host parents.  Overall, he sounds like he is enjoying the experience very much and is planning on sending us some pictures soon.  
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