Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $118.92
50/50 -  $115-
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student for next year
                Dan, Executive Director of Timberlake Playhouse
                 Paul, the new Creative Director of Timberlake Playhouse and his wife, Felicia -
                 LuAnn Gvozdjak - Kathy Binder - Janet Clites, Office Administrator for the Big Red Church
                 Weston Henry - Musical Director at SHS
Alex shared his experiences from the prior week.  This was Alex's last meeting and we wish him well on his travels back to Taiwan and his pending knee surgery. 
SHS Madrigals - What a talented group of young people.   Very enjoyable concert!
  • No Meeting until January 9.           
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