Posted by Carolyn Spencer
Boots & Shoes - $105 - Thanks to Tim & Ray
50/50 -  $50- no winner today
Guests - Brice Taylor - Outbound Exchange Student 
Student Guests - Turner Garcia, Sebastion Herren, Jozlin Garcia, Hannah Wilson, Elizabeth Oswalt
Announcements:   Brice, with his parents attended his Outbound Orientation over the weekend and learned he will be going to Lamoix in the South of France.  He will arrive there on August 28 to begin his adventure.
Christina Berry provided follow-up info on Unite Service Camp - local mission program for local youth sponsored by several local churches. She distributed a flyer and sponsorship information to the club.    
Program: Kevin Heller introduced Clark Mortensen, candidate for Whiteside County Sheriff.  Clark comes from a family of law enforcement, his father being an Illinois State Trooper.  His goals are to Protect the Safety and Security of Residents; Expand and Create County Programs; Build Relationships and Resource Networks.  Thanks Clark and Kevin.
  • Please get your programs to Carolyn in advance so we can include in the newsletter.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Student Excellence on April 18 at Abiding Word Church - Mark your calendars. and please plan to bring a guest that would be a potential candidate for membership. 
  • Noon Rotary BBQ on June 5 - more info to come.
  • Sunrise Rotary hosting Wine Tasting on March 24 from 6 - 9 pm at the old Longs Shots
  • Note - Rock Falls Rotary club will be meeting off site at the following sites on the following dates:
  •   Mar. 19 - Open House for Membership Drive
  •    March 26 - no meeting Easter Break
  •    April 16 - social dinner - location TBA
  •    May 7 - Social for Cinco de Mayo - TBA
  •   June 25 - Rotary Park in Rock Falls