Sterling Noon Rotary meets every Tuesday
at 12:00 noon at the YWCA Sauk Valley meeting room,
415 1st Ave., Sterling. 
Masks are required upon entry.  Meals are $10.00.
Monday - October 11, 2021
Tuesday - September 28, 2021
12:00 p.m.
The program for the meeting was the awarding by the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce of their September Customer Service Award to the Sterling Rotary Club and the Rock Falls Rotary Club.  Pictured here are the presenters with those from both clubs who worked on the recent Corn Broil and BBQ lunches which raised a total of $16,000 for the two clubs.
"End Polio" walk attracts nearly 60 folks and one dog!
Here is the final photograph of most of the participants in the "End Polio Now" walk held Saturday, October 2nd, in Rock Falls.  Members of the Dixon, Rock Falls, and Sterling Rotary Clubs participated.
Meeting Notes
Past President Hellmich called the meeting to order at 12:010 p.m. and asked Bill McLemore to have the opening prayer and lead the Pledge, Four-Way Test, and singing of "America the Beautiful." 
Those attending were: Ed Andersen, Jan Andersen, John Berge (on Zoom), Christina Berry, Bill Burke, Tom Burns (on Zoom), John Gvozkjak, Kevin Heller, David Hellmich, Nick Hubbard, Mark Humphreys, Reed Hutchcraft, Lee Kraut, Nick Lareau, , Lori Lowe, Barb Majeski,  Dana McCoy, Bill McLemore,  Dirk Meminger, Mark Mench, Keri Olson, Scott Porter, Tim Schwingle, Russ Siefken, Brad Zacharski and Christy Zepezauer. 
Guests were: our program visitors, Nicole Bollman, Sherry DeWalt, Cassandra Salmon, and Karen Voss from the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, high school students: Rhett Oetting (Newman), Paige Geil (Sterling) Ashley Wierman (Newman)  Sara Nararro (Sterling) and Lizabeth Valalvia (Sterling).  Visiting Rotarians were Keith Zoeller and Sarah Willy (Rock Falls Rotary) and Leo Patterson (Dixon Rotary).
President Dave introduced club guests, and various members introduced five guest students who were present.  Then he introduced four members of the Sauk Valley Area Chamber of Commerce who presented their September Customer Service Award to Rock Falls Rotary and our club.  
Secretary Lori Lowe, President David Hellmich listen to Keith Zoeller
talk about the RockFalls Rotary Club's response to the Sauk Valley Area
Chamber September CustomerService award to his club. 
(Right) Nicole Bollman presents the award to
David Hellmich, Club President.
In the announcements, Saturday's "End Polio Walk" at the Centennial Park in Rock Falls--is a joint project with Rock Falls and Sterling Rotary Club.  President  Hellmich reminded everyone that next
week, October 5th will include the visit of our District Governor David Bills with a brief Board Meeting to follow.  John Gvozdjak reminded everyone of the Veterans Day meeting, Tuesday, November 2nd, and he would like names, ranks, and service of veterans who are Rotarians, or friends and family of Rotarians to be scrolled during the program.
Reed Hutchcraft and Ed Andersern were the "judges" for Fun and Frolic, with the proceeds going to the Rotary Foundation ($86.28 was raised).  The 50/50 raffle ended with nobody finding the 10 of diamonds, the new card of the drawing.
Tomorrow's Program
District Governor
David Bills
Effective this Tuesday, October 5th,
there will be no member payment
for meals at the meeting.  We will all be
billed quarterly for $10.00 per meal
for each meeting.  Those who opt out
will be billed $2.00 a meeting for the
YWCA room rental.
Fun and Frolic Report from Brad Zacharski:
(Report received September 28, 2021)
September 14 - CGH Health Foundation
-Pledge - $111.00, Collected $111.00, Difference $0.00.
  (Note from Brad, "We gave a check for the full aount to CGH
  Health foundation plus our $200 annual donation.")
September 28 - Rotary Foundation
-Pledge - $86.28, Collected $86.28, Difference $0.00.
Up-coming Hosts and Programs (August - December):
Tuesday, October  5th - Host: Dave Hellmich
      Program: District Governor, David Bills
Tuesday, October 12th - Host: Ed Andersen
     Program: Dr. Erik Kuhns - "COVID-19 Update."
Tuesday, October 19th - Host:
    Program To Be Announced
Tuesday, October 26th - Host: Jan Andersen
    Program: Elizabeth Schmelzel, Immigration Lawyer
Tuesday, November 2nd - Host; Nick Lareau
   Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, November 9th - Host: John Gvozdjak
   Program: Veteran's Day Program
Tuesday, November 16th - Host: John Berge
   Program: Tyler Jakse, the new SHS Athletic Director discussing the various activities programs at SHS.
Tuesday, November 23rd  - Host: Dave Hellmich
   Program: State Representative, Toni McCombie, Update and Review
Tuesday, December 7th - Host: Lee Kraut
   Program: Kathy Kwiat-Hess, "Why Give to the Foundation?"
Tuesday, Decmeber 14th - Host: Dave Hellmich
   Program: Sterling High School Madrigals
   (There will be no meetings December 21st and 28th!)
Hosts:   As soon as you secure a program for your meeting,
please notify Barbara Majeski, Program Chair;
President Hellmich and Bill McLemore, Editor.  Thanks!
Cartoon from a past issue of Sterling's ROTARY NEWS
September 18, 1990

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