Sterling Noon Rotary meets every Tuesday
on Zoom this January. 
Monday - February 14, 2022
February 1, 2022
Host: Nick Hubbard
Program: Dylan Devers
 Update of Community Jaycees
Last Week's Meeting Notes
President David Hellmich called the meeting to order and Bill McLemore offered the invocation.  There followed a creative visual rendering of the Pledge of Allegiance, the Four Way Test, and "America the Beautiful" featuring the U.S. Army Jazz Ambassadors.
Hellmich announced that the Board of Directors will meet following today's meeting.  Fun and Frolic was for "Boots and Shoes" this week.  Most gifts were in even amounts which I think totaled a little over $100.  Because I wasn't good at math, I didn't include our President's gift which came to $12.08. 
Mike Sprague introduced the guest speakers and program visitors: Beth Fiorini, Kris Noble, Jackie Tichler, Joan Hermes, Pam Martinez, Gloria Martin, and Skip Dettman.  The program featured WCHCP (Whiteside County Healthier Community Partnershhip).   Kris Noble introduced Beth Fiorini who gave the preliminary information about the organization.  She noted there are three major directions of their work for a healthier community: (1) Community Collaboration Committee; (2) Youth Committee; and (3) Childhood Promise Committee.  Joan Hermes talked about their childhood trauma project and Gloria Martin reviewed a study of early childhood experiences.  One graphic she showed (below) was about the affects of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences). 
    Children who have endured such unwelcome treatment, which can occur in many different ways, have a definite destruction influence on the health of any community.  Thus, the organization has made it a primary focus for its work in Whiteside County.
   Attendance of members were: Ed Anderson, Jon Berens, John Berge, Christian Berry, John Gvozdjak, Kevin Heller, David Hellmich, Nick Hubbard, Lee Kraut, Nick Lareau, Lori Lowe, Barb Majeski, Dana McCoy, Bill McLemore, Steve Munson, Dave Murray, Keri Olson, Mike Sprague, Brad Zacharski, and Christie Zepezauer.  Leo Patterson was a visiting Rotarian from the Dixon Club.
Up-coming Hosts and Programs
(February - May 2022):
Tuesday, February 15th - Host: Nick Hubbard
  Program: Dylan Devers - Update of Community Jaycees.
Tuesday, February 22nd - Host: Dave Hellmich 
Program: Not available at this time.
Thursday, February 24th - Club 5:05 (Fellowship)
Tuesday, March 1st - Host: Paul Steinke
  Program: Joan Hermes, CGH Foundation
Tuesday, March 8th - Host: John Gvozdjak
   Program: Robotics Club, Sterling High School
Tuesday, March 15 - Host: Reed Hutchcraft
     Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday, March 22 - Host: Ron Pottoff
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday, March 29th - No Noon Meeting
   Club Evening Social - to be announced.
Tuesday, April 5th - No Noon Meeting
Wednesday, April 6th  - Host: John Gvozjak
Tuesday - April 12th - Host:
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday - April 19th - Host: Russ Spitzer
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday - April 26th - Host: Scott Porter
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday - May 3rd - Host: David Hellmich
   Program: Students
Tuesday - May 10th - Host: David Hellmich
   Program:  Sauk Valley Community Leadership Program
Tuesday - May 17th - Host: Steve Munson
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday - May 24th- Host: Thomas Burns
   Program: Not available at this time.
Tuesday - May 31st:- Host: David Hellmich
  Program: Club Evening Meeting/Social (no noon meeting)
Hosts:   As soon as you secure a program for your meeting,
please notify Barbara Majeski, Program Chair;
 and David Hellmich, Editor.  Thanks!

This Week's LIMERICK!!!

A wonderful bird is the pelican
His bill holds more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Enough food for a week,
Bur I’m damned if I see how the hell he can.
(Note: Are you a Limerick Lover?
Send me one to share with the club!)
Bill McLemore

The Rev. William P. "Bill" McLemore, Editor

Assistant Club Secretary

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