Monday - September 20, 2021
Tuesday - September 14, 2021
12:00 p.m.
The CGH Health Foundation
Joan Hermes, Director
Barbara Majeski, Past President, presided at today's meeting and introduced Joan Hermes who has directed the CGH Health Foundation since1992.  She said the Goad for the 2021 Annual Appeal is $450,000 with the focus on "OB Mothers."   She added that during this pandemic "expectant mothers and their families are frustrated and scared about bringing a baby into this pandemic virus environment."  Then she recounted the many other aspects of the Foundation and how they have helped in so many different areas.  In honor of her presence, the Fun and Frolic funds will be given to the Foundation                        
Meeting Notes
Past President Barbara Majeski called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. and asked Lori Lowe to have the opening prayer and lead the Pledge, Four-Way Test, and singing of "America the Beautiful." 
Those attending were: Ed Andersen, John Berens, John Gvozdjak, Kevin Heller, Nick Hubbard, Reed Hutchcraft, Lee Kraut, Nick Lareau, David Lowe, Lori Lowe, Barb Majeski, Diana McCoy, Bill McLemore, Mark Mench,  Steve Munson, Dave Murray, Keri Olson, Tim Schwingle, Brad Zacharski and Christy Zepezauer.  Guests were: Jacob Seukunian and Annie Hewitt from Senator Anderson's office, Capt. Dave Amick with the Salvation Army,along with student guests: Alicia Ardis, Tori Arbuini, Laelin Fossett, Dale Guerrieri, Sarah Tunink, and Luke Valentino.
Majeski introduced Visiting Rotarians, Leo Patterson and David Knie.  Various members introduced seven guest students who were present:  Alicia Aris, Tri Arduini, Laelin Fossett, Dale Guerrieri, Sarah Tunink, Luke Valentino, and Trinity Winchell.
Following several announcements, John Berens and Nick Lareau were the "judges" for Fun and Frolic, with the proceeds going to the CGH Health Foundation ($311,00 was raised).  The 50/50 raffle found that Mark Mench, Dave Lowe, and Lee Kraut had winning tickets but no one pulled the Jack of Diamonds out of the deck.
The Past President then introduced Joan Hermes who presented the program on the CGH Health Foundation (story above).
Tomorrow's Program
Host: David Lowe
(Sorry, no information received.)
Fun and Frolic Report from Brad Zacharski:
(Report received September 7, 2021)
August 24 - Boots and Shoes
-Pledge - $77.24, Collected $64.24, Difference $10.00.
September 7 - Rotary Foundation
-Pledge - $97.00, Collected $97.00, Difference $0.00.
Up-coming Hosts and Programs (August - December):
Tuesday, September 21st - Host: David Lowe
       Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, September 28th - Host:
       Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, October  5th - Host: Dave Hellmich
      Program: District Governor, David Bills
Tuesday, October 12th - Host: Ed Andersen
     Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, October 19th - Host:
    Program To Be Announced
Tuesday, October 26th - Host: Jan Andersen
    Program: Elizabeth Schmelzel, Immigration Lawyer
Tuesday, November 2nd - Host; Nick Lareau
   Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, November 9th - Host: John Gvozdjak
   Program: Veteran's Day Program
Tuesday, November 16th - Host: John Berge
   Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, November 23rd  - Host: Dave Hellmich
   Program: State Representative, Toni McCombie, Update and Review
Tuesday, December 7th - Host: Lee Kraut
   Program: Kathy Kwiat-Hess, "Why Give to the Foundation?"
Tuesday, Decmeber 14th - Host: Dave Hellmich
   Program: Sterling High School Madrigals
   (There will be no meetings December 21st and 28th!)
Hosts:   As soon as you secure a program for your meeting,
please notify Barbara Majeski, Program Chair;
President Hellmich and Bill McLemore, Editor.  Thanks!
Cartoon from a past issue of Sterling's ROTARY NEWS
October 23, 1990


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