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News & Notes - Nov. 26, 2019
Boots & Shoes - $65   50/50 -  $54 - 
Guests -  Dixon Rotarian, Leo Patterson,Dr. Bill Bird, Morrison Rotarian
Student Guests - NHS - Lucas Ely & Maggie Oswalt
Yuzuki  was not in attendance today.
Program - Paul Steinke introduced Dr. Bill Bird from CGH Medical Center
Dr. Bird shared several initiatives at CGH which are too many to list here.   Here are some highlights:
1. Therapy includes a program called "Big and Loud" and assists persons affected with Parkinson's and/or stroke. Also a program to help those with lymphodema and urinary continence. 
2.  A new Pediatric Rehab program and location at North Locust St..
3.  A new CGH clinic opens in Fulton on Dec. 9.
4.  Project ALTO to seek alternative pain treatments other than Opiods.
5.  Inpatient Mental Health Treatment.  Currently waiting for review of Certificate of Need.
6.  Daily Safety Huddles.
Thanks to Paul and Dr. Bird for sharing this important information about health initiatives in our communities.
 Announcements and Upcoming Dates:
  • Reed announced that Curt Dahlgren, former member of the Noon club pass away.
  • Our condolences to Dr. Paul Steinke on the passing of his father.
  • Feb. 1 - President & President Elect Training
  • March 6 - 8 President Elect Training in Itasca.
  • April 4 - Training Assembly/Officer's Training
  • November is Rotary Foundation Month - Please consider contributing,

Ongoing Reminders

1.  Please remember the Four-way Test when directing comments and questions to speakers and other members. a) Is it the truth? b) Is it fair to all concerned? c) Will it build good will and better friendships? d) Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
2.  Once you have your guest speaker lined up for the meeting program, please email Carolyn Spencer at so that it can be included in the eBulletin.  
3.  Please park at the YWCA, not in a Sterling Federal Bank lot/spaces.
4.  Think of who you can invite to a meeting as a potential new member.
5.  If you have to leave early from the meeting, as a courtesy, please apologize in advance to the speaker.
6.  Please sit closer to the front of the room than to the back.  And try to sit with the new members whenever you can....get to know them....make them feel welcome.
7.  Whenever you host a student guest, as you are chatting with him/her over lunch, please tell them about our club.  Tell them what to expect during the meeting;  the opening, fun & frolic, boots & shoes, etc.   Tell him/her about local and international service projects that Rotary is involved with.   Make them feel welcome.
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