Monday - June 14, 2021
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Meeting Notes
Tuesday - June 8, 2021

Gathering: President Barbara Majeski, called the meeting to order at 12:000p.m.   She asked Scott Porter to say the invocation and then presented video versions of the Pledge of Allegiance , the Four-Way Test , and "America the Beautiful."  
Attendance: Bill reported that those present were: Ed Andersen, Jan Andersen, Jon Berens,  John Gvozdjak, Kevin Heller, David Hellmich, Nick Hubbard, Mark Humphreys, Reed Hutchcraft,  Lori Lowe, Barb Majeski,  Dana McCoy, Bill McLemore,  Mark Mench, Chris Mitchell, Steve Munson, Dave Murray,  Scott Porter and Brad Zacharski, .  Our program guests are noted above. (Club Runner attendance record: 19 out of 42 - 45.24%)
Announcements: Majeski reminded us of the July 26th joint Barbecue with Rock Falls.  Janna Groharing will be sending out the sign-up sheets and volunteers are needed.She added that on Sunday afternoon, June 25th, we will be at Poci's Market to shuck corn.  Dave Hellmich announced that the first meeting in July will be an in-person gathering (bring your own food) and it will also be on Zoom as well.
Fun and Frolic: This week's fines (donations) are to benefit the Rotary Foundation.  Scott Porter accepted the lunch money fine ($10) because he attended a Cubs game with his assistant pastor who got hit in the leg with a homerun baseball;  Ed Andersen for a trip to Florida for 6 days ($10); Bill McLemore ($35) in honor of Lori's 35th anniversary of being ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church; John Gvozdjak ($10) for his Buick transmission which needs to be replaced for $6,000 and the fact that it still cobbles along on the old one until such time as it finally dies;  Dave Murray ($20) for his trip from Florida to Sterling and getting his photo in the club newsletter; Reed Hutchcraft ($10) happy that Kevin Heller may still be his friend; and finally Barb Majeski ($10) because she's happy to see Scott Porter at the meeting.
Today's Program is featured above.  The meeting was closed by President Majeski at 1:00 p.m.


Fun and Frolic Report from Brad Zacharski:
(Report received June 4, 2021)
May 11th - Boots and Shoes
-Pledged - $330.11, C0llected $305.11, Difference $25.00
May 18th - Rotary Foundation
-Pledged - $211.86, Collected $191.86, Difference $20.00
May 25th - Boots and Shoes
-Pledged - $245.25, Collected $195.25, Difference $50.00
June 1st - Whiteside United Way
-Pledged - $192.02, Collected $117.02, Difference $75.00
Up-coming Speakers ( June):
Tuesday - June 15th - Steve Munson, To be announced.
Tuesday - June 22nd - Keri Olson, Rabbi Jeffrey Glickman and "Giving Locally Everywhere" (GLE)
Tuesday - June 29th - Dave Hellmich, To be announced.




     A woman trying to get on a bus realizes her skirt is too tight to allow her leg to come up.  Slightly embarrassed, she reaches behind her and unzips her skirt a little.  When she tried to step up she couldn’t.  

    With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind her to unzip some more but still couldn’t take the step.

     Becoming quite embarrassed, she once again attempted to unzip her skirt to get on the first step of the bus.  About this time, a large man from Iowa behind her picked her up by the waist and placed her gently on the bus.

    Surprised and flustered, she turned to the man and yelled, “How dare you touch me!  I don’t even know you are!”

   The Iowan smiled and drawled, “Well, ma’am, normally I would agree with you, but after you unzipped my fly three times, I kinda figured we were friends!”


The Rev. William P. "Bill" McLemore, Editor

Assistant Club Secretary

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