Monday - July 26, 2021
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Fun and Frolic Report from Brad Zacharski:
(Report received July 9, 2021)
June 15th - Boots and Shoes
-Pledged - $200.00, Collected $200.00, Difference $0.00.
June 22nd - United Way
-Pledged - $122, Collected $122.00, Difference $0.00.
June 29 - Rotary Foundation
-Pledged - $162.29, Collected $126.00, Difference $36.29.
July 6 - Boots and Shoes
-Pledged - $115,.oo Collected $115.00, Difference $0.00
Up-coming Hosts and Programs ( July-September):
Tuesday, July 27th - No Program or Meeting
       BBQ the day before, Monday July 26th!!!
Tuesday, August 3rd - Host: Mark Humphreys
       Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, August 10th - Host: Dave Hellmich
       Program: Ginger Thompson "The Importance of Youth Proetection in the Rotary World."
Tuesday, August 17th - Host: Dave Hellmich
       Program: District Governor, David Bills
Tuesday, August 31st - Host: Barbara Majeski
       Program: Club Evening Meeting, Social at Barbara's home.  NO NOON MEETING!
Tuesday, September 7th - Host: Keri Olson
       United Way - "Making Choices Simulation."
Tuesday, September 14th - Host: Dana McCoy
       Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, September 21st - Host: David Lowe
       Program: To Be Announced
Tuesday, September 28th - David Murray
       Program: To Be Announced
Hosts:   As soon as you secure a program for your meeting,
please notify Barbara Majeski, Program Chair;
President Hellmich and Bill McLemore, Editor.  Thanks!


Unquotable Quotes!!!

"Why do you sit there looking like an envelope
without any address on it?"
Mark Twain

"His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork."
Mae West

The Rev. William P. "Bill" McLemore, Editor

Assistant Club Secretary

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